ACP Decisions: Who We Are & What We Do

Who We Are

ACP Decisions is a mission-driven health care technology nonprofit that provides shared decision-making principles and evidence-based video support tools for patients and their families so that they can make informed advance care planning decisions.  Our videos are carefully crafted after undergoing rigorous review by leading experts in medicine, geriatrics, oncology, cardiology, ethics and decision-making.

What We Offer

Our Video Library consists of approximately 200 videos in 17 different languages.  Our library is broken down into several different categories. Some categories relate to medical interventions, such as CPR or Feeding Tubes. Some categories reflect video content that was created with particular clinical settings in mind like the Intensive Care Unit or Skilled Nursing Facilities. Other categories relate to different patient populations such as patients with Advanced Cancer, Advanced Renal Disease, Advanced Heart Failure, Dementia, or Advanced Lung Disease. There are several videos in the Healthy Adults category for people who are relatively healthy. We also have several videos in the pipeline that were created to support and empower Caregivers.
Our technology platform is comprised of our web-based (My ACP Decisions) and mobile based (ACP Tools) applications that can be used on both Android and iOS devices.  

Together, these applications give clinicians the power to share content with patients and prescribe resources based on patients' unique needs. They can also verify if prescribed resources were indeed accessed by patients and/or their loved ones. 

A Proven Product

Over 10 years of research shows that patients make better-informed decisions after watching one of our offerings because they see possible procedures and interventions with their own eyes and can thoughtfully review video content at their own pace. Our videos have been studied in nearly 20 studies involving multiple clinical settings like inpatient medicine, the intensive care unit, ambulatory care (both specialty and nonspecialty care) and skilled nursing facilities.  These studies have involved over 5,000 people, including diverse patient populations (e.g., African American, Latino, and Asian American).  
Our videos help address the information asymmetry that prevents people from being able to make informed decisions about their medical care.  Through our content, we help people develop realistic expectations of the illness experience in an efficient and effective way. And this, in turn, helps make sure that people receive the right care, at the right time, and on their own terms.
Data from our work in Hawaii indicates that using the ACP Decisions Video Library led to a dramatic increase in inpatient ACP documentation (from 3% to 40% percent over a two-year period) hospice referrals (51% increase over a two-year period) and hospice admissions (57% increase over a two-year period) as well as an average per person cost savings of $3,458 in the last month of life.  

Our Partners

Our Video Library is used in hundreds of locations throughout the country in multiple inpatient and outpatient clinical settings through partnerships with organizations such as Kaiser Permanente, the Hawaii Medical Service Association (an independent licensee of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association), and Providence Health & Services through the Providence Institute for Human Caring.  We can partner with health insurers, accountable care organizations, health systems, hospitals, skilled nursing facility providers, practice associations, community initiatives and hospice providers.  

Want to Learn More?

Contact us at for more information about what we have learned from ten years of research about medical decision making and cultural transformation in health care. 

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