Minimum System Requirements

This article describes the requirements for video playback using the ACP Decisions website on desktop or mobile devices.

Video Playback

ACP Decisions' Video Support Tools will work on any browser that supports Adobe Flash and/or HTML5.  

HTML5 Video

HTML5 provides the best possible viewing experience and the system will default to it.  If it is not available, Adobe Flash will be required.

Adobe Flash Player

Adobe Flash is not required for video playback. If you decide to use Flash, your browser must support Flash Player 9 or higher for security purposes.  If you have an out-of-date version of Flash and need to check your version, visit the link below. Get Adobe Flash Player

Browser Support

ACP Decisions' Video Support Tools will work with major browsers and versions Internet Explorer (as far back as IE7), Firefox, Safari, and Chrome.

You will be prompted to install the Flash plugin from Adobe's website if HTML5 is not supported by your browser.

Mobile OS Support

We recommend playing ACP Decisions' Video Support tools through the ACP Tools App found on the Apple App Store.  If you use the ACP Decisions website on your mobile device, video playback works best on all iOS Devices, and Android devices running version 2.2 or later.  If your device is running iOS 4 or higher, you will be able to play videos back from the ACP Decisions website.

If you can view videos on YouTube and other major video websites, you and your team should not have issue viewing ACP Video Support tools.

Internet Connection Speeds

For an optimal viewing experience, ACP Decisions recommends that you use connections that are at least 768 kilobytes per second or 0.768 megabytes per second.  We recommend at least 5 megabits per second for an optimal experience with HD videos.  The quality of the videos will adjust based on your connection.  If you have questions about your internet connection speed,  SpeedTest by OOKLA may be a helpful tool.

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